‘Dear Dom’ is a feature documentary film about the controversial ex-prime minister of Malta, Dom Mintoff. The film looks at how he influenced and shaped a country and a people. It’s about the man who befriended Libya’s Gaddafi, North Korea’s Kim Il-Sung and China’s Mao. An authoritarian and tireless negotiator, he championed the causes of the working class.

‘Dear Dom’ features never seen before archive footage of Mintoff himself. Animated sequences are used to recreate historical events of Malta. People who were affected by his actions speak out for the first time in original interviews. Dom Mintoff dominated the political scene of the Mediterranean island for fifty years, his name becoming synonymous with Malta. Till today he still stirs intense emotions in people who either love him or loath him. Did his methods divide a nation in his quest to conquer it? He fought for change but then fought against it. No matter what, in the end the power of the people always wins.
The trailer gives you a little teaser of what you're going to expect from the final product.
Dear Dom
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